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Research Grade
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Novarials coating and membrane grade titanium oxide nanowires is to meet commercial market needs
for highly dispersed titanium oxide nanowires as a starting materials for thin film coatings and
membranes, etc. The coating and membrane grade titanium oxide nanowires are well-dispersed
aqueous nanowire suspensions, which eliminate the dispersion step of nanowires - a painful step for
most customers. Novarials coating and membrane grade titanium oxide nanowires can be used for
making the following products and devices:

  • Thin coatings for self-cleaning surface, high temperature protection layer, UV protection layer,
    filtration layer, supporting layer for dense membrane, etc.
  • Thin bendable/flexible membranes for filtration and separation, thermal insulation, high
    performance sensors, etc.
  • Dispersed additives for composite coatings, composite films, composite membranes, etc.

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Titanium oxide nanowire
dispersion B, Research grade
Photograph of NovaWire-CMTiO-10 nanowire dispersion
Bendable/flexible titanium oxide nanowire membrane
by using NovaWire-CMTiO-10 dispersion
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