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Custom Synthesis and Processing of Nanomaterials

Novarials has many years' cutting-edge industry research and development experience on the preparation, characterization,
processing, and assembly of
a variety of nanomaterials, as is evidenced by our offering of hundreds of inorganic nanomaterials for
academia and industry use. With our state-of-the-art equipments for Hydrothermal Synthesis, Solution Preparation, and Chemical
Vapor Deposition (CVD),
etc., Novarials offers custom synthesis and processing of nanomaterials which you may not find on
commercial market.

Contract Research

After many years of highly focused industrial research and development on inorganic nanowires, Novarials has accumulated and
mastered p
lenty of knowhow about the preparation, processing and assembly of inorganic nanowires, we will offer these knowhow
to help your product development if your company has such a need. We are the leader of using nanowires
, nanofibers, and
nanotubes for making membranes,
films, coatings, sensors, battery separators, and nanocomposites. Contract research can be
conducted through various mechanisms.

Consulting Service/Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Novarials is providing consulting service for:

  • Nanomaterials preparation, characterization, processing, and assembly
  • Membrane formation, film formation, coating formulation of nanowires
  • Nanotechnology evaluation for Angel investors and Venture Capital Investment
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